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Osteochondrosis of the lower back. Dorsopathy of the spine. Inflammation of Lasix pills. Compression of the inguinal ligament with tight clothing. Sedentary lifestyle. It turns out that all these reasons can be divided into three large groups. The first is the location of the nerve. The second is malnutrition of the nerve. And the third group is lifestyle features. The main cause of Roth-Bernhard disease is nerve compression. Another factor in the development of pathology is its insufficient supplynutrients as a result of various diseases.

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Compression neuralgia can occur when: prolonged wearing of belts, narrow underwear, corsets; frequent and prolonged position of Furosemide with the torso tilted forward; excessive deposition of the fat layer on the abdomen and upper thighs; pregnancy; injuries and diseases in the lumbar spine; lumbar curvature of the spine, forward bulge and scoliosis; injuries of the hip joint and pelvic bones; inflammatory processes in the lower part of the abdominal cavity; neoplasms in the pelvic area; surgical interventions in the groin or abdominal cavity; hematomas that have arisen in the peritoneum; infectious diseases, diabetes; alcoholism.

Often there is a combination of these reasons.

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Tunnel neuralgia often affects people of lasix age, more often men.

The occurrence of the disease is also influenced by hereditary predisposition. When symptoms of Roth-Bernhardt disease appear, treatment begins with identifying the causes that could cause this ailment. In order to avoid treatment, the symptoms of Roth's disease can be prevented. To do this, you must follow the basic rules: Refuse to constantly wear squeezing corsets, tight underwear, belts. Normalize body weight. Organize proper nutrition. Set aside time for daily exercise. When the body is in a forced position associated with professional activities for a long time, take short breaks with a simple warm-up. Timely treat all emerging ailments that provoke diseases of the external cutaneous nerve of lasix pills.

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If compression (compression) of the nerve occurs, then the process of blood flow through the capillary network is disrupted. As a result, the mechanism of development of lasix disease begins to be realized. Axon cells do not receive sufficient nutrition; decay products and free radicals begin to accumulate in them; toxic effect against the background of the absence of normal blood supply triggers the mechanism of necrosis (necrosis).

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